Some of you may know already that I am a bit of a book nerd. I simply love books. I believe reading is good for the soul, enabling yourself to be transported to somewhere different anytime you want. You can often find me on rainy days in the newly furnished study. When I say newly furnished study I mean my beloved books finally have a home. A bookcase, much to my relief they are safe now, away from Lola, who has shown her keen interest in reading too by trying to ingest whole novels. Naughty pup!

I’ve come to realise that I adore international books, especially if they have been translated from their native language. The few I’ve read can seem a bit lost in translation, but I think that’s the beauty of these novels. If you’re looking for an escape while waiting around those dull airport departure lounges or on a long haul flight, I have chosen three from my own collection that I think are excellent reads.

 The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly

Sun-Mi Hwang


Our first book comes from South Korea, published in 2000 it has become an international bestseller. Every time I think about this book, it warms my heart. It’s a special little book that will remain one of my favourites. It is a story of a hen that is no longer content laying eggs on demand and dreams of the world outside of the barn, where the animals roam free. She has to escape. Although the plot sounds very simple, it is undeniable that the book draws you in and pulls on the old heartstrings. You could probably read this book within a few hours, you just have to find out what happens to the little hen next.

 The Guest Cat

Takashi Hiraide


We’re heading to Japan for our next book. This book is another quick read and captures the real essence of life in Japan. I must confess it did take me a couple of reads to get into this book. It’s very description heavy, however beautifully written. This book is about a young couple’s surprise to find a neighbour’s cat has sneakily entered their house, although the cat is a bit aloof at first, starts to make a home in their hearts. Yet another simple plot but has the ability to connect deeply with a wide audience. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it most definitely one for the cat lovers out there.

 The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman

Denis Thériault


Montreal, Canada is our next stop. I didn’t really know what I was expecting from this book but it sure wasn’t a disappointment. I was drawn to the title of the book, I wanted to know what made this postman so peculiar. It transpires that the postman is a bit of a sneaky so and so, stealing people’s mail, reading and even replying to the senders. As a very private person, the thought of that horrifies me. Yes, they’d only be reading my bills, but that’s beside the point. It’s the violation of a person’s privacy and that gets my goat, I was instantly hooked. I must not say much about this book because I will be giving away the ending, but all I will say is Karma is a real thing.

When the travel boredom strikes because you’ve already seen all the movies that plane has to offer or you’re sat on the floor because there are no seats in that crowded departure lounge, I cannot recommend these page turning little books enough to escape the sometimes harsh conditions of travelling.



Jamie Carter | @NomadicFox



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