Launched at the start of 2017 after many attempts at finding our niche, we created Nomadic Fox.

The UK-based Nomadic Fox is about exploring everywhere and everything on a budget and schedule of a ‘typical’ wanderlust traveller. We’re a group of people who find the 9-5 working life just a little bit dull, alcohol helps but it’s not a healthy lifestyle choice. Travelling, however, is food for the soul, so what better way to share our entertaining and sometimes challenging experiences with you lovely people!

If you’re a lover of knowing the ins and outs, the goods and the bads of food and travel, then you’re going to feel right at home here. You can expect honest and frank reviews of restaurants, hotels and activities.

We’re fresh-faced newbie bloggers on the block, and always on the look out for advice and tips from fellow bloggers so don’t be afraid to say your bit and be as honest as you like.

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Jamie and Helen